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The Men's Health + Fitness Event of the Year.

Combining nutrition, medical, fitness + fun in one place, in a way that no one has ever done before.

October 27th-29th, 2022
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

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What is The Silverback Summit?

A 3 day in-person event that is literally the ultimate mens health + fitness experience.

My goal with this event is to provide an unfiltered, uncensored and FUN environment for men to obtain solutions and answers.

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Who should attend The Silverback Summit?

  • Men of every age who want to truly optimize their health in every sense of the word.

  • Maybe the way you eat or train isn't working anymore, + what to do next is confusing AF. Bodyfat may be showing up in places it never did, you aren't sure what exactly to do in the gym anymore, + you are too tired to figure it out.

  • Your motivation, drive, + decision making has dwindled, and effects your everyday life.

  • You are considering Testosterone Replacement, but have heard so many conflicting things about it, you just want the truth

  • You want to be around other dudes who are just like you, seeking the best way to function optimally as a man. 

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What do you get?

I have handpicked my most trusted colleagues + medical professionals to provide various lectures and roundtable discussions on the topics you want to know most about. You will have the opportunity to ask anything you like, and hang out with myself and those you have seen on my videos or podcasts.

In addition, there will be recreational activities, swag bags, competitions, and various other prizes. You know Ail knows how to throw a hell of a party.

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Your Host: Ali Gilbert

Hi, I'm Ali. I am a wife, dog mom, meathead + I fucking love a good steak.

I normalize boner talk.

I help busy men get jacked, look great naked, optimize testosterone + conquer nutrition. I do this by helping guys sift through the bullshit and provide them with structure + a plan that works for their lifestyle.

I'm the one men hire when they have taken themselves as far as they can alone. I offer a highly unfiltered, truthful approach. I have coached thousands of attorneys, doctors, other coaches, CEO's, executives, veterans, current military, and any dude looking to optimize his health.

I have a true passion for men's health + have made it my life's work to help dudes find the solutions to all their fitness nutrition + hormone needs.

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Thursday, October 27th: 9AM - 5PM 

Friday, October 28th: 9AM - 9PM 

Saturday, October 29th: 9AM - 4PM

Topics & Speakers

Dr. Jordan Grant, MD

Urologist - Paris, TX

Talk 1: Estrogen in Men: The Most Underestimated Ally

Talk 2: Testosterone + Your Prostate: What You Really Need to Know

It is thought of as the female hormone, but just like women need testosterone, men need estrogen. Contrary to popular opinion, the benefits of estrogen for men are backed up by tons of scientific evidence, yet it is still demonized with many men told to take medications to block or suppress it.

In this talk Jordan will cover:

* The detriments to low estrogen in men

* The harm blocking estrogen causes - impacts on erections, heart health, bone density and bodyfat

* Why there really is no "range" estrogen need to be in

Justin Groce, APRN

The Restore Clinic, Tennessee

Talk 1: TRT Myths + Misconceptions: Dispelling the BS

Manboobs, gyno, roid rage, heart attacks, steroid abuse...all things wrongly associated with testosterone replacement therapy. Social stigmas are big when it comes to men considering TRT. Justin will take a deep dive into all of these, and why they are mistaken.

Talk 2: Optimize Testosterone, Optimize Your Thyroid

Often a highly misdiagnosed area, hypothyroidism can go hand in hand with low testosterone. Justin will tell you exactly what you need to know to maximize your longevity and health when it comes to both.

Dave Lee

Talk 1: Your Brain On Testosterone And The War On Masculinity

* Neuroscience of high and low testosterone levels

* Generation Hypogonadism - endocrine disruption in teenagers

* Beyond TRT - lifestyle practices for optimal TRT results

Gil Tal, RN

Director, Elevate Wellness NJ, NC, Nationwide Telemedicine

Hormones 101: What Else Men Need Besides Testosterone to Excel

Men need testosterone, but why? And did you know there are different forms?

Gil will take you through the exact mechanisms of hormone manufacturing and the things that can affect that process in your everyday life.

  • Understanding the main hormones men produce + the effect they have on their vitality, fertility + longevity
  • What happens when something goes wrong in the process of hormone production.

Bryan Krahn

Fitness Writer + Physique Coach

Your Physique Unfiltered: What REALLY Matters

Changing your physique is simple, but not easy.

Keto, metcons, fasting, deadlifting... everything seems so complicated no wonder people are confused.

Time to sort through the bullshit with simple proven strategies that yield success.

Bryan provides Dads, CEOs, and busy men effective, basic ways to achieve what they want. The basics work, if you work them.

Dr. Michael Twyman

MD - Cardiologist

How Your Heart Health Affects Your Erection

Endothelial Dysfunction = Erectile Dysfunction

This talk will focus on endothelial health and the early detection of atherosclerosis. 

• What are the crucial tests for early detection?

• What can be done to prevent this?

• The truth behind cholesterol, statins and their impact on overall performance

Ali Gilbert

Talk 1: Normalizing Boner Talk: The Science of Erections

Talk 2: "The Modern Male Metabolism” Streamlining Your Nutrition + Fitness to Get Jacked, Tan, + Lean

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Silverback Summit FAQ

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Dude, what are you waiting for?

My goal with this event is to provide an environment where men learn solutions to all their nutrition, fitness + hormone optimization questions.

I have handpicked the most knowledgeable medical professionals in the field to come speak (many whom you’ve seen me do videos and/or podcasts with).

Combined it with the coolest fitness pros (yours truly included 😉) to teach you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about nutrition, how to eat, what to eat, how to train, what types of workouts, plus more!

You won’t want to miss this!

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