The Silverback Summit 2023

The Premier Men's Health Event  

November 9th - 11th at the Omni Downtown in Austin, TX

The Silverback Summit is the ONLY Men’s Health Event that combines Fitness, Nutrition + Hormone Optimization delivered with a No Bullshit Candor in One Room.

If you work with men as a coach, practitioner, or in any capacity this will be THE career-advancing event of the year.

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You won't find this information at any other medical or fitness event.

You will be at the top of your craft with the approaches and strategies learned here.

Time spent around like minded people who "get" you and your mission.

Everything you have wanted to know, but no one will say, finally revealed.

You believe in what you do and want to be the absolute best when it comes to your business + craft.

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The Speakers

Who is speaking?
Doctors, strength coaches, attorneys, health coaches + bodybuilders delivering cutting edge information in one place.

Ali Gilbert

Your Host:
The Queen of Men's Health

Bedros Keuilian

Keynote Speaker:
Entrepreneur, Author, Business Coach, Creator of the Squire Program

Rick Collins


Dr. Eric Serrano 

 Jay Ferruggia 

David Lee

Luke Leaman

Dr. Jordan Grant

Dr. Adam Hotchkiss

Stan Efferding

... and more to come!

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Why is the Silverback Summit unique?

We like to change things up! We will have a mix of formal talks, debate style panels, Q&A discussions + fireside chats so you get the most out of your weekend.

Some of the panel discussion topics:

  • TRT delivery methods: the best ones + why 
  • Facilitating the conversation from health coach to TRT practitioner
  • PED's and steroids- safe use + education
  • Advanced approaches to altering body composition
  • Training enhanced vs non enhanced
  • Estrogen in men: antagonist or ally?
  • The efficacy of non-TRT interventions for increasing testosterone
  • True cardiac risk: saturated fats, total cholesterol, statinsNootropics, psychedelics, + other cognitive enhancement supplements

What some of last year's attendees had to say:


The Silverback Summit is much more than just an educational event (although you'll learn a ton).
It's an experience, an opportunity to join an unprecedented community dedicated to making a difference and being a part of something bigger.

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Your Investment in Your Health, Skillset & Knowledge 

All men should be lean and jacked. All men want to show up as the best role model for their families, as someone who dominates life, who can be resilient AF to navigate ANY situation.

When men feel and look their best, they make more money. Their entire life benefits from their health being in the most optimal place. 


!! 27% of men said that they don’t have close friends or any friends at all.
!! 47% of men don’t talk openly with friends about their problems.

How would it feel knowing you could have a self-assured conversation with your clients about:

  • The truth about prostate cancer and testosterone
  • The best way to prescribe Testosterone and other medications without feeling like you’re doing something wrong
  • Uncommon reasons behind ED + how to fix it
  • How to navigate their candidacy for testosterone replacement.
  • What their GP isn’t telling you because they don’t have time
  • What supplements they REALLY need
  • How to finally drop their love handles + belly fat 
  • Their actual risks of having too low testosterone vs going on TRT
  • Why there is no such thing as good or bad cholesterol

You will have the expertise to help men do the inner work physically, mentally and emotionally that is required of them to transform into their highest self, full of capability to show up as the absolute best father,husbands, leaders + role models. .

The  vast majority of men are struggling with things the fitness and medical industries are ill equipped to deal with- until now. The Silverback community provides the network, tools and practical information necessary for you to truly feel confident in changing the lives of your male clients.

Imagine being able to address:


  • Body dysmorphia
  • Feelings of isolation in personal/professional life
  • Sexual performance anxiety
  • The truth about PED’s and safe usage
  • Burnout + insecurity about not doing “enough”
While also simultaneously knowing the EXACT approach to 
  • Doing cardio without killing your gainzz
  • What are the best training splits to optimize muscle growth?
  • What real body recomposition looks like
  • Fatloss troubleshooting
  • How much muscle can a man really gain in a year?
  • Training as an enhanced vs non enhanced athlete

Every man wants the holy grail of being lean but jacked, so how can you provide that for him with a minimal fat gain approach?

If you are a fitness professional, it’s not enough anymore to only design programs. You need to understand a man’s dieting HISTORY, his recovery ability, his training age, starting metrics + how these all dictate where your starting point is.

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The Details


November 9 - 11, 2023



The Omni Downtown, Austin TX

- Space is limited and Silverback room pricing is only available until October 1st -